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Climb Matterhorn
Switzerland (14,687ft / 4,478m)



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Nestled in the Swiss Alps, birthplace of climbing, an ascent of the Matterhorn hearkens back to the purist traditions of climbing. The Matterhorn, which stands over the town of Zermatt, is nearly steeple-like in both structure and magnetism. The region nearby is comprised of lush meadows and pristine landscapes. The combination of scenic beauty, superb lodging and the ability to challenge oneself by day and live in luxury by night, makes climbing in Switzerland a rather comfortable alpine experience. In preparation for the ascent of the Matterhorn, we climb a succession of stunning peaks. As part of the expedition, both novice and experienced climbers receive training to prepare for technical ascents. With each climb, the intensity of difficulty increases as we move from the Riffelhorn to Pollux to the Rimpfischhorn and finally to the Matterhorn.

Difficulty: ADVANCED
In the best interest of personal safety, success and team compatibility, adequate training and excellent physical condition is required. Climbers need to be in excellent physical condition for both personal enjoyment and to be an integral team member. We encourage you to contact us so that we may assist you in developing a training program that meets your particular needs.


The favoured route is via the Hornli Ridge. This is more of a long scramble rather than a rock climb graded Diff/Vdiff (5.3-5.4) but with plenty of exposed, airy ridges.
The summit day from the Hornli hut, reached from Zermatt the previous afternoon, will be 8-10 hours. With good conditions it is achievable by anyone with basic rock climbing experience, excellent physical fitness and plenty of ambition and commitment.
There are alternative, harder routes that can be taken e.g the Zmutt Ridge or the Italian Ridge which is graded VS/HS (5.6-5.8).

    6 days climb programme
The aim of this programme is to enjoy a week of fantastic alpine mountaineering around Zermatt and Saas Fee and to make a successful and safe ascent (and descent!) of the Matterhorn. Our standard programme is 6 days with 4 days of acclimatization and preparation - at a maximum guide ratio of 1:1.
    Dates & Duration
The season for climbing the Matterhorn is from mid-June until late September. We only guide private groups, so dates are available on request.
We find that this programme works well but we have occasionally had groups who felt that a 7 or 8 day programme might have suited them better, allowing more time for preparation and also additional time in case of adverse weather. An extension to the trip will increase the cost. Contact our office for further details.

have any enquire about this trip? contact us!


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