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Rock Climbing at the Dolomites
multipitch and sport climbing in Italy



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Mount Blanc

rock climbing
sport climbing in:
Italy - Arco & Sarca Valley
Germany - Frankenjura

multi-pitch climbing:
italy – dolomites
Italy - Arco & Sarca Valley
Austria - Tirol, Salzburg

ice climbing
Austria - Tirol, Salzburg

off-piste Austria
backcountry skiing:
Haute Route (France-Switzerland)

The Dolomites are a challenging and beautiful range of steep limestone peaks situated south of the Austrian/Italian border. Many of the peaks are over 3000m+ high, giving long and demanding big wall routes up to 800m long. Some routes can be over 20-pitches long, however the vast majority of them can be done in a single days outing or with an overnight stay in a mountain hut or lodge.

The area is vast stretching some 50 miles (80Kms) east of Bolzano, which is split into different groups linked by a good road network making it easy to visit several of these areas in one trip.

The range and style of rock climbing routes that can be experienced in the Dolomites is unique and varies from

  • Single pitch sports routes
  • Lots of long moderate alpine routes up to 800m long
  • Imposing big wall routes such as the north face of Cima Grande arguably one of the great north walls within the Alps.

It´s not necessery to have any previous experience on rock climbing. We offer a rock climbing course while we climb and have fun.


Improve your rock climbing technics, our experienced guides will take you to the best area for climbing depending on your level and experience!

    5 days climb programme
The aim of this programme is to enjoy a fantastic rock climbing week. Maximum guide ratio of 1:4.
    Dates & Duration
It is possible to rock climb throughout most of the year and is easily accessible if wet in the mountains around the Dolomites. We only guide private groups, so dates are available on request.
Contact our office for further details!

have any enquire about this trip? contact us!


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